I always love to be involved in technology and like to make meaningful applications. I strongly believes that work tells more than words.
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WordPress Plugins

  • Reset WP : Resets the WP Database to the default installation. It deletes all content and custom changes. Resets only database not modify or delete any files. (download)

    Active Installs : 40000+
    All Time Downloads : 220819

  • Easy WP Cleaner : It is user friendly plugin to clean unnecessary data from WordPress database and also allows you to optimize your WordPress database. (download)

    Active Installs : 1000+
    All Time Downloads : 8217

  • Website FAQ (Responsive and Categorized with Shortcode) : Useful and handy FAQ plugin for any WordPress website. The plugin adds a “FAQ” tab to your wp-admin menu and allows you to enter FAQ Title and FAQ Description. It will show FAQ in descending order by post publish date. (download)

    Active Installs : 10+
    All Time Downloads : 341

  • WP Safe Post : Removes unnecessary HTML tags from post, page and custom post type content before inserting it to your WordPress database. It also prevents users to paste or write disallowed HTML tags in post content. (download)

    Active Installs : 10+
    All Time Downloads : 312

  • Disable File Editor : This plugin will disable file editing tool in your WordPress admin panel. (download)

    Active Installs : 200+
    All Time Downloads : 734

  • Disable Add New Plugins : This plugin will disable the functionalities of add new plugins and file editing in your WordPress admin panel. It will also give security to file being edited from the back-end. (download)

    All Time Downloads : 375

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