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I am enthusiastic person to create web applications. I write code that helps solve problems for businesses. For the past several years I have spent much of my time developing web applications and web services. I am a lifelong learner.

PHP (with WordPress, CodeIgniter & other MVC structures & Mobile Web Services) and JavaScript (with jQuery & AJAX) are my area of interest.

I care more about providing a comprehensive solution to the projects. I also engage with business rather than just programming websites. I have found that listening to people and understanding their purpose or goals results in successful Web Application.

Started to learn programming in c and then with VB.NET as interest while I was in collage. After completing collage, I have also been lecturer in IT department in a private firm called Shikhar Educations. I was used to give lectures on C Language, HTML and Computer fundamentals and other subjects related to commerce like Economics, Statistics and Business Organization.

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